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A genealogy and family history research service where your ancestry questions are answered and your family story is told.

Have you wondered who your ancestors were and where they came from? Do you find searching for your family confusing and time-consuming? Do the vital records you do find not tell you enough about who they were? Let me find their story for you. I am the Family Sherlock.

I will perform initial research based on whatever information you have and provide you with a family story report of my findings and ideas for further research. I can delve as deeply and as far back in time as you would like into your family's story. Your family story report will include citations to all sources.

The focus of my research is Rochester, New York.  In addition, my specialties include New York and Pennsylvania families, German, Italian, Danish, Irish, British and Swedish ancestry and immigration. I am fluent in French and German in addition to English.

Contact Family Sherlock by e-mail or mail with your request or problem and any information you already have, and you will receive an estimate on the cost and services that will be provided. 
Here is a link to a request form you can fill out and send to Family Sherlock: Family Sherlock Research Request Form

Customized Services:

  •     Solving a specific ancestry mystery
  •     Researching and creating a narrative lineage of your ancestry
  •     Researching and writing a family history story on one or more branches of your family tree
  •     Validating family lore
  •     Transcribing and preserving old documents


  • Package pricing for the following:
  1. Researching and writing a family history story starting at $100 per ancestor.
  2. Transcribing and preserving old documents at $100 per page.
  3. Solving a specific ancestry mystery starting at $200. 
  • Further research is $50 an hour.  Legal/probate rates on request.
  • Please contact Family Sherlock with your specific request for an estimate.
  • Client approval for maximum number of hours to be billed will be obtained before research is conducted.
  • Client approval will be obtained for any additional expenses, such as purchasing military records for the client or non-local travel for research.

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