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Family Sherlock is currently concentrating on writing the biography of her great-great-grandmother Anna Ritschard of Oberhofen, Switzerland.  Anna had a true immigrant experience with a twist.  Stay tuned!

Family Sherlock's publications available now:

The Ancestry of Anne Bretherick and David Greer

The genealogy of Anne Bretherick and David Greer, including their Stott, McKnight, Mainwaring, and Steinmetz ancestors of Pennsylvania, Lancashire, England, and County Donegal, Ireland.

Dear Brother: The Civil War Letters of William A. Harding to his brother Palmer 

A collection of Civil War letters from William A. Harding to his brother (and my great-great-great grandfather) Palmer Harding, which have been passed down in the family for 150 years.  I transcribed and annotated them for posterity and to make them available to Civil War enthusiasts and Harding descendants.

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